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EnsoSleep is a software service for automating the scoring of lab and home sleep studies, built for - and in collaboration with - Sleep Specialists including Pulmonologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, and Sleep Technologists including RPSGTs and RSTs.

Our team maintains active memberships in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the Sleep Research Society (SRS), and the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST), and regularly engages with the clinical community through conferences, presentations, and publications.
By automating the manual sleep scoring process, clinicians can spend more time directly with patients every day. In turn, adopting scoring automation can:
  • Save allied health professionals 10s or 100s of hours of repetitive data analysis every month
  • Improve patient experience with shorter appointment wait times
  • Better utilize staff and lab equipment to increase testing volume and reimbursement revenues
Yes, it is really free, no strings attached. When you schedule a demo, we'll invite you to autoscore a few polysomnography studies with EnsoSleep, and carefully review the score reports to see if you agree with our systems assessment.

If EnsoSleep doesn't meet your needs, we would be surprised! And we would love to hear your feedback so we can make it better.
We charge a simple monthly software subscription fee based on sleep testing volume. Our prices are set to represent a small fraction of the reimbursement clinics receive from payers like Medicare or private insurers. We're happy to work with you to ensure our pricing makes sense for your clinics needs.
Yes, patient data privacy and security are a top priority for us. We utilize a trusted company with expertise in modern web security and healthcare data management for all of our HIPAA hosting, in addition to a number of other proactive security measures.
Yes! EnsoSleep technology has been cleared by the FDA and is currently for sale in the United States. Feel free to reach out to us or request a demo if you're interested to see the time and cost savings EnsoSleep can deliver for your sleep clinic.
Sleep apnea is a full blown epidemic - more than 29.4 million Americans are estimated to suffer from moderate to severe OSA - but strikingly, 80% of those individuals are living unaware and undiagnosed. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to severe complications including high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, atrial fibrillation, stroke, metabolic syndromes, drowsy driving, and is estimated to double a patients healthcare costs.

In order to address this epidemic, we have to increase the efficiency of sleep studies and scale sleep medicine.

Our mission at EnsoData is to build accurate and reliable tools that make this possible, enabling more patients to access the healthcare they need every day.
The honest answer - we want to make sleep scoring feel like paradise. And nothing says paradise quite like a medical pineapple.